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News of all the forthcoming irrigation and water conferences throughout the World
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Intwater was established to provide a continuous, objective and reliable channel tol transmit the latest global information on the irrigation and water industry.

Behind Intwater is an industry professional with more than thirty years of experience, both in the field and in the media.

Online and ready to provide industry professionals and decision makers covering the entire spectrum of the water industry with all of the most current and relevant information, Intwater's goal is become the first choice for keeping abreast what's happening in the world of irrigation and water

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Get up to date with all the latest irrigation case studies- drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro irrigation, snsor controlled irrigation, linear move irrigation Case studies on all the latest addvances on irrigation water filtration. Case studies on all the latest  developments in 
fertigation- feeding fertilizers through the irrigation system Case studies on all the latest devlopments in water flow control- water metering, pressure breaking, air release and many more.

The Intwater website has been given a long overdue update and will now be published in conjunction with an irrigation and water industry newsletter that will be distributed thrice weekly. Our goal is to provide industry professionals with a constant flow of information - all the developments as they happen in our industry.

From this point onwards industry professionals will be able to access all the latest irrigation news in real time,

 To your desktop, tablet or smartphone- where you want it - when you need it.
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